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Thursday, April 19, 2018

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New 1984 "Engine 71" Pictures

The truck was bought from Jon's Mid-American Truck Sales near Springfield, Mo. It was manufactured in 1984, and delivered to a Fire Department in New York in 1985.  Questions?  Ask the Fire Chief.

Click a picture to enlarge it (opens in a new window).  The pictures are quite large.  There are 8 pictures on this page, and the page will take several minutes for all the pictures to load.  Download times are shown as 28.8k modems first and 56k modems last.
The new fire truck which just arrived on the trailer.
2 mins, 13 sec 1 min, 8 sec
Jon, of Mid-American, shows a quick demonstration of how to fill the truck up with water.
2 mins, 18 sec 1 min, 11 sec
Joe Harris spraying the nozzle while Todd Leakey is training on how to operate the truck.
2 mins, 20 sec 1 min, 12 sec
Tom Burton trying out the Deck Gun.
2 mins, 15 sec 1 min, 9 sec
Tom Burton trying out the Deck Gun.
2 mins, 14 sec 1 min, 9 sec
Access to the engine requires lifting of the cab.
2 mins, 15 sec 1 min, 9 sec
The right side of "Engine 71".
2 mins, 17 sec 1 min, 10 sec
Loading the hose from the old International to the new truck.
2 mins, 11 sec 1 min, 7 sec


Change your smoke detector batteries every time the clock "springs ahead" or "falls back". Most smoke detectors recommend that you use Alkaline batteries.

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